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Library Classes: Keeping Track of Research Output

Keeping Track of Research Output

Keeping Track of Research Output

Class Description:
The amount of scholarly research being produced is massive. How do you keep track of it all? How do you get credit for your contributions? This class will cover useful tools for managing your research output and efficiently keeping up with research in your field. Content is customizable to fit your needs.
Learning Objectives

  • Create an ORCID iD to distinguish your research output
  • Create a myNCBI account to use NCBI’s suite of research management tools: 
    • Use myBibliography to keep track of your citations and monitor compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy
    • Use SciENcv to store your basic CV/biosketch information and easily reformat for NIH and NSF biosketches
    • Use Collections to save citations
    • Create alert to save search strategies and receive email updates with new articles that match your search
  • Google Scholar
    • My Library
    • My Citations
    • Alerts