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Library Classes: PUBMED Introduction

PubMed Introduction

PubMed Introduction

Class Description:
Learn to search MEDLINE through the National Library of Medicine's Entrez search engine. Master basic searching and limits, Related Article feature, access to Health Sciences Library's full text links, using clipboard, print, email or save, and My NCBI to store and retrieve searches. We recommend registering for a My NCBI account prior to taking this class, when possible

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the unique features of PubMed version of MEDLINE
  • Perform basic subject, author and journal title searches
  • Review Advanced Search options to refine search results
  • Use the Clipboard to save selected articles
  • Register and use the My NCBI feature
  • Save items to a My NCBI "Collections"
  • Use search history feature to modify Related Article results
  • Use Article Linker to access full text
  • Select, display and print citations