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Library Classes: EMBASE Introduction

EMBASE Introduction

EMBASE Introduction

Class Description:
Learn to search EMBASE, a thoroughly indexed source for international biomedical literature, with a special emphasis on drug literature.  Highlights of EMBASE include:

  • Currency - between 7 - 15 days from publication to addition to database
  • Automatic email alerts,
  • Data analysis
  • Dorland's dictionary definitions for EMTREE terms
  • Intuitive search forms
  • Easy to manage results.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand scope & content of, including integration of unique MEDLINE content
  • Understand why and when to use all of the various Search modules: Basic, Advanced, Field, Disease, Drug & Author Search
  • Learn how to build, edit and manage search queries and records
  • Be able to navigate the EMTREE subject thesaurus and use it as an effective search tool
  • Comfortably browse the EMBASE journal collection to locate desired content quickly