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Library Classes: Data Management: An Introduction

Data Management: An Introduction

Data Management:  An Introduction

Class Description:
Researchers are generating more data than ever before, and advances in technology are making it easier for these data to be shared. Learn how to responsibly manage your research data and share it with the wider research community. Learn about best practices for how to format, store and share your data for reuse, both by the wider research community and within your lab group! Examples can be customized to your research topic of interest.
Learning Objectives

  • Learn about what can be considered data and legal requirements around managing and sharing your data
  • Learn how to use DMPTool to write an effective data management plan
  • Learn what file formats are appropriate for long term data storage and sharing
  • Learn how to clean up “messy” data with user friendly tools
  • Determine what information about your data (metadata) are appropriate to include with your dataset
  • Discover options to store and backup  your research data during the research cycle 
  • Find appropriate repositories for archiving and sharing