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Searching for Evidence Based Information: Critical Appraisal

The UC Denver Health Sciences Library's Searching for Evidence Based Information Tutorial is designed to provide a basic overview of the concepts important to searching for high quality information on which to base clinical decisions.



See also:  Critical Appraisal

These resources include critical appraisal of research using principles for evidence based evaluation:

ACP Journal Club (approx. 6 minutes)    Click this link to start a search in PubMed for ACP Journal Club resources, then add yourtopic AND at the front of the search box:
          myocardial infarction AND (ACP Journal Club[Title] OR "ACP J Club"[Journal])

Dynamed  has clear rules for appraising and using evidence.  Their process illustrates the ways information is evaluated and used in recommendations and grading of the evidence in Dynamed. (View slides from a presentation on how Dynamed appraises articles)

FPIN Primary Care PURLs, American Family Physician and Journal of Family Practice Clinical Inquiries.  Click the following to search in PubMed for:

  • Journal of Family Practice & American Family Physician - via PubMed       Use this search filter to retrieve articles from the Clinical Inquiries series, then narrow the results to yourtopic AND at the beginning of the search box. 
  • Journal of Family Practice PURLs: Priority Updates from the Research Literature  The purpose of the Priority Updates from the Research Literature (PURL) system is to identify original research studies, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses that report findings that, if implemented in practice, would be expected to improve patient outcomes. The PURL methodology includes primary literature surveillance, secondary literature surveillance, critical appraisal, review of the literature, peer review, editorial review, and clinical review.
  • American Family Physician - via Google   This link opens Google search results. To narrow the results, add yourtopicat the end of the search box, after the fpin search strategy.

JAMAevidence provides worksheets to guide critical appraisal.  Create an account for JAMAevidince, then click on the Worksheets tab in the My JAMAevicence section. 

Nursing Consult's  Evidence Based Nursing  (3 mins.)

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