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Mentored Scholarly Activity Guide (MSA): Paper, Poster, and Presentation

If you want information about the MSA program, please see the main program page.

How to present a brief summary of your poster findings

You can quickly and effectively present your findings, even In the hustle and bustle of a crowded poster session.  [Source: How To Present a Poster Presentation]

Poster Session Design

Obtain MS Office through E-Academy to use PowerPoint for poster design.



36x48_template   |   36x48_vertical_template   |   PD-Poster_template36x48


poster template 44x36 sample   |   poster template 40x32 sample   |   poster template 32x40 sample.ppt

More Sample Posters:

Sample Poster 1   |   Sample Poster 2   |   Sample Poster 3   |   Sample Poster 4  


  • Cloth Poster Technology innovation allows printing on fabric and some poster printing services now offer this convenient option.  Cost is generally as much as 15-20% higher than poster board. You can fold and ship or pack a cloth poster at lower cost, with more convenience.  Early reports mention that the edges may fray, so preserve your poster with iron edging available at fabric stores.  The print process may not be as sharp, so clarity of some text or images could suffer.  If you would like to explore this option try a large online service such as or ask other providers if they offer this option.  On the pro side, you can always use your poster as a custom quilt top later so you can literally spend 24/7 with your research!

Skill Guides

LaTeX for Scientific Publishing

Image Resources

NOTE: Copyrighted images should be used only for limited educational purposes, such as your peer teaching presentation. Even when images are not copyrighted, the source of the image should be included in your slide.
  • Atlases of the Brain   The atlases include brain and spinal cord images and MRIs of the brain. Content is freely available for non-profit use by health science educators. Interactive features allow the user to request an outline of structures or a quiz on the image content.
  • BioText   Search:
    • Full Text & Abstracts   
    • Figure Captions
    • Images
    • Tables 
    From 300 journals, 40,000 articles, 100,000 figures, and 60,000 tables found in articles archived in PubMed Central.
    CELLS Alive!   Cells Alive! provides basic cell biology, microbiology, and immunology videos, micrographs and diagrams. The images are available for use in lectures and handouts and for other nonprofit, educational use with some important exceptions. Using Materials from CELLS Alive!DermAtlas: Dermatology Image Atlas   Dermatlas is made available by Johns Hopkins University. There are currently over 4,900 images submitted by more than 180 contributors in the database. Users can search by categories, diagnoses, or body sites. Images are copyrighted by Dermatlas, but may be used freely for teaching purposes. Please review restrictions on use.
  • eMedicine World Medical Library  Select "emedicine" under the search box. Search your topic, then look for the Multimedia link in the article. Not all topics include a Multimedia link.
  • Google Images  Some images are for purchase and download.
  • Hardin MD Medical Pictures and Disease Pictures  Free photos of medical conditions, diseases, and health conditions from the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences of the University of Iowa. 
  • HEAL  (Health Education Assets Library) is a digital library that provides freely accessible digital teaching resources of the highest quality that meet the needs of today's health sciences educators and learners.
  • Health Communication Materials Network  An international network of professionals specializing in the development and use of health communication materials - pamphlets, posters, video, radio, novelty items, flipcharts, cue cards, training materials, electronic media, etc. based from Johns Hopkins University.
  • HON Health on the Net Media Gallery  This media gallery is put together by the Health on the Net Foundation, an international body that seeks to encourage ethical provision of online health information. The media gallery is indexed by body part and includes images of medical conditions and procedures.
  • Images from the History of Medicine  Produced by the National Library of Medicine, this database contains nearly 60,000 images from the library's History of Medicine Division. The works digitized here include prints, lithographs, engravings, etchings, woodcarvings, and paintings.
  • Images from The National Institutes of Health Most of the images are not copyrighted, and just require attribution. 
  • Internet Atlas of Histology   The COM-UIUC Atlas of Histology contains over 1000, labeled, histological images with accompanying functional descriptions. Interactive features allow the user to change magnification and examine areas of interest in great detail. Some images include a mouse-over function: when the mouse pointer is over a labeled object, that object is highlighted, its name is pronounced, and its identity is given in a drop-down menu.

Citation Tools for Medicine

There are many tools and style guides for citing works in papers and manuscripts.  The following are options for creating bibliographies from citation and reprint management software.  The Library supports EndNote and EndNote Basic (cloud version) and will try to help with other tools as time and staff knowledge permits. 
  • CiteULike  Stores references and pdf reprints of articles. References can be viewed in a few basic styles, but accuracy is based on user input of the information needed by the specific style.  CiteULike exports references for uploading into EndNote.
  • Citing medicine: the NLM style guide for authors, editors, and publishers. 2nd ed. 2007. NLM style is used in all NIH grant and review publications, and is the format used in PubMed summary citations. Citing Medicine provides assistance to authors in compiling lists of references for their publications, to editors in revising such lists, to publishers in setting reference standards for their authors and editors, and to librarians and others in formatting bibliographic citations.
  • EndNote Basic is a free cloud based resource for reference management and is recommended for all MSA projects. Sign up for an account via Web of Science, then add references to your EndNote library from Web of Science, Google Scholar, or PubMed. EndNote Basic now includes 2GB of storage to upload the pdfs of articles and associate them with references.
    Please view a video tutorial if you'd like to learn how to register for an account, load references into EndNote Web, and output the references in a reference list in a particular style and use "Cite While You Write" in MS Word. 
  • Papers is an award-winning reference management program that has been described as iTunes for PDF article reprints. It is ideal for collecting references, organizing article PDF files, and writing manuscripts in specific styles. For more information and instruction on Papers, please click here

You may also be interested in Organizing an Article Reprint File.

Subject Guide

Institutional Review Board

Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board or COMIRB is your central access point for information on federal laws & regulations for research involving humans. COMIRB is a board established to review biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects conducted at or supported by University of Colorado Health Sciences Center or University of Colorado Hospital.

Forms, instructions, answers to frequently asked questions, and education is available from the website.

COMIRB Education Resources  Learn more about the COMIRB process and how to apply for approval of your research.

Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training for University of Colorado Denver   This training resource includes modules that are required for laboratory workers at the Anschutz Medical Campus and other university laboratory facilities. The following topics are addressed:

  • Biosafety Training
  • Fire and Life Safety Training
  • Hazardous Chemical Waste Management Training
  • N95 Respirator Training and Fit-Testing
  • Radiation Safety Training
    • Radiation Safety Modular Training Program
    • Online Radiation Safety Annual Refresher Training