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Mentored Scholarly Activity Guide (MSA): Grey Literature

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What is Grey Literature?

Grey literature is informally published written material (such as reports) that may be difficult to trace via conventional channels, such as published journals and monographs because it is not published commercially or is not widely accessible. It may nonetheless be an important source of information for researchers, because it tends to be original and recent1. Examples of grey literature include patents, technical reports from government agencies or scientific research groups, working papers from research groups or committees, white papers, and preprints. The term "grey literature" is used in library and information science. (Wikipedia)


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Jenny Garcia (University of Wyoming)

Lilian Hoffecker (University of Colorado, Denver)

John Jones (University of Colorado, denver)

Shandra Protzko (National Jewish Medical Center)

Lisa Traditi (University of Colorado, Denver)

Deb Weaver (Children's Hospital Colorado)