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Anatomical Models @ HSL: Information

Anatomical models available for check out from the library.

Anatomical Models

Model of full articulated skeleton
Model of Brain
Muscular Model of Leg
Dental Model of Preadolescence lower jaw
Skeletal Sternum and Rib Model
Model of Human Heart


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The Ultimate Gift by Mike Pascoe

Mike Pascoe discusses donating your body to science.

Mike Pascoe, PhD | Senior Instructor

University of Colorado Denver | Physical Therapy Program

303.724.5978 | |

Looking for more?

The Anatomy Gross Lab maintains a bone room on the 5th floor of Ed 1. It is available to students who take one of the gross courses (MD, PT, PA, DDS).


NOTE: The fifth floor is a secure floor and only people with clearance can get there.

New Models

Cast of Female Pelvis with Pits of Parturition

Female Pelvis with Pits of Parturition

Articulated Pelvis from an Adult African-American Female. An osteological evaluation report detailing the analysis of this specimen is available at the front desk. We have a male pelvis available for checkout to compare.

Disarticulated Plastic Skeleton

Over 10 new disarticulated bones 


  • Occipital Bone with C1-C7
  • Full disarticulated spine
  • Disarticulated Thorax
  • and more!

Plastic skull model with 22 pieces

22 Piece Didactic Skull

Contains all 22 bones of the human skull and is held together by magnets. A guide and key are available for the skull. A printable PDF of the key can be found here.