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Anatomical Models @ HSL: Anatomical Models

Anatomical models available for check out from the library.


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Online Resources

The Ultimate Gift by Mike Pascoe

Mike Pascoe discusses donating your body to science.

Mike Pascoe, PhD | Senior Instructor

University of Colorado Denver | Physical Therapy Program

303.724.5978 | |

Can I check out the models?

Models of the heart, brain and teeth as well as a articulated and disarticluated skeletons are available for checkout from the Library.

You will need a valid CU ID in order to check out any of the models, the loan period for the models is 2 hours, with no renewals.

Looking for more?

The Anatomy Gross Lab maintains a bone room on the 5th floor of Ed 1 where the anatomy gross lab is. It is available to students who take one of the gross courses (MD, PT, PA, DDS).


NOTE: The fifth floor is a secure floor and only people with clearance can get there.

Human Skull