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Outbreak Challenge: Colorado School of Public Health: Welcome!


Welcome to the 2016 Foodborne Outbreak Challenge!  

“The Investigation” Rules & Resources

  • Working together as a team you have 3 hours to complete “The Investigation”!
    • You have 1 hour to solve each piece of the puzzle—pathogen, food, source of contamination
  • There are 3 activities for each piece of the puzzle— 3 pathogen-related activities, 3 food-related activities, and 3 source of contamination-related activities
  • All pathogen-related activities must be completed by 10AM, all food-related activities by 11AM, all source of contamination activities by 12PM
    • “The Investigation” ends at 12PM sharp
    • MAJOR points deducted for late submissions… manage your time wisely!
  • Consult this website at the beginning of each hour to begin that hour’s activities
    • Completed activity worksheet must be to FOC headquarters to receive information on the next activity
    • Only 1 person should visit the FOC headquarters to submit activity worksheets  
  •  There are 80 points available overall
    • Each activity is worth 6 points each (18 points per piece of the puzzle [for 54 total])
    • Look out for bonus activities along the way (26 points available!)
  • Hint! Save information you receive – it may become important later on 
  • You are free to use any resources (Google is your friend!), however you may only communicate with your team members and with your two phone-a-friend mentor cards. 

Additional information will be posted on this site every hour, so remember to check back!

Suggested Resources

The Food Safety Center's website:

CDC's foodborne outbreak website:


Contact Information

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