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Linking to Licensed Online Resources: LibX Toolbar

Instructions for students and faculty on how to create URLs to library-licensed content that will work from off campus, as well as on campus.


Although tools at the right will allow you to send any website through our library proxy server, the functionality will only work correctly with publishers that we actually license at the Health Sciences Library.  And since we typically don't license all content offered by a given publisher, even when proxy works correctly, you may sometimes find that you can't get through to full text for a particular journal title.  

If you are in doubt, or have problems finding or getting to full text, simply start your search at the HS Library home page and/or our Find Journals interface, which will log you in through our proxy as well as provide straightforward data for all our journal holdings. You can also use our customized link to Pubmed, which will include HSL's holdings (just look for our Article Linker button which appears at the citation level). Some people prefer to use Google Scholar, which can also be customized to work well with Health Sciences Library holdings. We also encourage you to use our Ask a Librarian service if you encounter any difficulty. 

LibX Toolbar

Do you like to use Chrome? You may wish to try out the LibX Browser Toolbar  from the Health Sciences Library.

Gain the ability to instantly search HSL resources, or add proxy to a resource from anywhere you happen to be on the web.


Library Liaison to SODM

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Jeff Kuntzman
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