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Visit the EVIDENCE BASED databases list for more resources.

View the tutorials in the Searching for Evidence Based Information Resource Guide for video demonstrations of resources and search techniques. 

Where did the term "Evidence-Based Medicine" come from?

In the preface to Users' guides to the medical literature : a manual for evidence-based clinical practice (2nd ed. New York : McGraw-Hill Medical, 2008,)  Gordon Guyatt writes:

"In spring of 1990, I presented our plans for changing the program to the members of the Department of Medicine, many of whom were not sympathetic. The term suggested to describe the new approach was scientific medicine. Those already hostile were incensed and disturbed at the implication that they had previously been "unscientific." My second try at a name for our philosophy of medical practice, evidence-based medicine, turned out to be a catchy one." (p. xxi)