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Open Access: Publishing in Open Access

This guide gives and overview of Open Access Practices and also includes information on the Open Access Fund.

How do costs compare in different publishing models?

According to a study conducted for the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in the UK, Houghton and co-authors in their January 2009 report compare the economics of different publishing/archiving models. They estimate expenditures per article in the UK for publishing, production and dissemination of e-only (online only, no print version) access to be as follows: toll or subscription access £8,296 (about $13,800), open access £7,483 (about $12,500), and self-archiving £7,115 (about $11,800).

How is the Health Sciences Library involved in the Open Access movement?

The library is a partner in the Mountain Scholar: Digital Collections of Colorado & Wyoming, an openly accessible digital repository where authors can deposit their manuscripts  or other works.  For more information about the repository, please go to its resource guide.

What additional resources are available to me?

Are there funds that help authors pay for the expense of publishing in OA journals?

Some OA journals will waive the author fee.  SpringerOpen routinely waives the author processing charge for authors from nations with "lower-income" or "lower-middle income" economies.