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Answering Clinical Questions in Real Time: Calculators, Lab Analysis, Rules, and Tables

Our resources have many features that will help you to find accurate answers to clinical questions quickly. This guide accompanies the Library's class "Answering Clinical Questions in Real Time."

Calculators, Lab Analysis, Rules, and Tables

  • **Dynamed Calculators Click on the “Calculators” link in the upper blue navigation bar.  Browse a list, or use the links on the left to go categories such as Medical Equations, Decision Trees, Statistics Calculators. Search by Specialty is the best way to browse.
  • STAT!Ref MedCalc 3000 Click on "Tools & Resources", then on the "MedCalc 3000". Select from the "Specialty Pages" link at the top of the page and browse. OR type a keyword into the search box; for example: risk; or type a condition/disease, for example: diabetes; or a common calculation, for example: creatinine clearance.
  • Medscape: Medical news and calculators, drug information and tools, and disease information.
  • **Micromedex Labs Search for your lab, for example, potassium measurement. Click Lab in the summary of results, or select a result with the (Lab Advisor) designation.

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