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Answering Clinical Questions in Real Time: Differential Diagnosis

Our resources have many features that will help you to find accurate answers to clinical questions quickly. This guide accompanies the Library's class "Answering Clinical Questions in Real Time."

Differential Diagnosis

  • 5 Minute Clinical Consult  Look up a symptom in the alphabetical listing or search a term, like fever, click the Current Book button, then click Ovid Full Text to read the relevant section of this book.
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) via PsychiatryOnline. Browse the contents or search for a specific
    symptom or disorder.
  • Ferri’s Clinical Advisor, MDConsult: Click on the "Books" tab, then “Specialties” and scroll down to "Family
    Medicine" and click on the link for Ferri's. Click on the "+" next to "Section II: Differential Diagnosis" to browse, or
    type key words into the search box to find your keywords in Ferri's.
  • **Isabel dx: Use a simple, interactive tool to identify diagnoses and drugs involved in diagnoses based on clinical exam signs and symptoms.
  • **Micromedex. Differential diagnosis is hidden within the "Indications" section of lab test information.  Search for a test, magnesium measurement, then click on the results from the "Lab Advisor", then click indications. Check each of several abnormal lab results separately to note the overlapping indications, suggesting a possible diagnosis.

PubMed Tip: Incorporating terms related to prevalencce and etiology can help with differential diagnosis search topics. MeSH terms can be helpful too, try: "Prevalence"[Mesh] AND "Diagnosis, Differential"[Mesh]

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