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Linking to Library Resources

Instructions for students and faculty on how to create URLs to library content that will work from off campus, as well as on campus.

How to link to items in the catalog...

Link to books, articles, journals and more

Search HSL, the library's catalog, is a gateway to our expansive digital and physical collections. Linking to an article or e-textbook is an great way to provide quick access scholarly information and resources. Linking also fast tracks students to texts and prevents confusion.

STEP 1: Find an item in Search HSL and click the title

Search HSL has many books, journals, articles, and more; including Pharmacology and physiology for anesthesia : foundations and clinical application

Screenshot of book in catalog

STEP 2: Save the URL out of the browser bar or click Permalink

Once you find the item you want, you can either:

  • Copy the link in the browser bar, or,
  • Find the "Permalink" button in the Library Record. Remember to click "Copy the Permalink to Clipboard."

Screenshot of permalink

STEP 3: Copy and paste the link

This link can be shared in a syllabus, Canvas, email, citation manager, or any other way you want to share or save URLs