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Linking to Licensed Online Resources: How Off Campus Access Works

Instructions for students and faculty on how to create URLs to library-licensed content that will work from off campus, as well as on campus.

Who Gets Off Campus Access to Journals & Databases?


To access online Health Sciences Library resources from off campus, you must be a primary user of the Health Sciences Library. You'll be asked to log in at the point of accessing the licensed resource (for example, when clicking on a database link on the library website, or when clicking a journal title found via the Find Journals A to Z journals list.

Student, staff, or regular faculty? Use your PassportID to log in. You only have to log in once per browser session.

Some users such as faculty paid by affiliate and volunteer clinical faculty (VCF program) will need to manually register with the library to receive a library login. Manual library registrations may expire yearly and can be renewed by calling us. If you are one of these type of users, when you're off campus and click on a link to one of our databases or electronic journals, you will be prompted to enter your institutional ID number, then your name.

If you have questions about your library registration call our Service Desk, at 303-724-2152. 

How Off Campus Access Works

Like many academic libraries, the Health Sciences Library uses a system called EZProxy to allow you to access licensed online content from your home or where ever you may be. When you click links from our website, Find Journals portal or one of the other sites we control, you may notice a proxy prefix on the URL as in this illustration from our link to Web of Science:

Note about Article Linker:  Direct-link URLs (for proxy purposes or otherwise) may be obscured when you are using Article Linker to find licensed online content via PubMed or some other database source. You can still get the direct link URLs if you wish, but it is a three step process:

1) After you click the Article Linker button in PubMed and you are looking at a framed window with content on the left and citation info on the right, scroll down in your browser, and find the larger Article Linker button at the bottom right of the citation frame window.

screenshot: Health Sciences Article Linker button

2) Click the larger Article Linker button. It will open a new tab on a page that looks like this:

3) After clicking the "Article" level link highlighted above, a new tab will open in your browser with a direct link to the article. This is what can be used to either add or subtract proxy, or as a good URL for bibliographies or CVs. :


As we were saying, from off campus, you may notice a proxy prefix on URLs for licensed resources as in this illustration from our link to Web of Science:

EZProxy Prefix and Resource URL

The proxy phrase must be present in the link in order for access to work from off campus through the AMC Health Sciences Library license.

Our proxy server will look to see where you are coming from. If you have an on-campus IP address, you will be forwarded to the resource directly (and the proxy phrase will disappear from your URL!). If you have an off-campus IP address, the proxy server asks you to log in via a web page that looks like the screenshot below:

The system works well, but it can get confusing if you are trying to email a link or add a link to an article into Canvas.

  • If you're ON CAMPUS, after you click one of our links,  the link format required for proxy will disappear! That's why we provide the off campus link creator in this Resource Guide.

    Or you can just copy this text and use it as a prefix to your resource links:

  • If you're OFF CAMPUS, you can just cut and paste the resource link from your browser window after you've logged in and are viewing the resource

*In most resources. The Ovid publisher is an exception:
Use the feature within Ovid at the right side of their pages called Email Jumpstart in order to get permalinks to Ovid citations and full text.

Library Liaison to SODM

Jeff Kuntzman
Email is the best way to get hold of me, or call: 303-724-2126.