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Searching for Evidence Based Information: CINAHL

The UC Denver Health Sciences Library's Searching for Evidence Based Information Tutorial is designed to provide a basic overview of the concepts important to searching for high quality information on which to base clinical decisions.

Searching CINAHL

  • Each part is 1-3 minutes in length
  • CINAHL has made some minor changes in layout. We have inserted some changes in the tutorials to reflect this change.
    For example,
    •   "Revise Search" has changed to "Edit"
    •  Output Tools have moved from the top of the folder view window to the right side.
  1. Understand the scope of this resource
  2. Getting to CINAHL 
  3. Determining main concepts 
  4. Basic searching  
  5. Advanced searching
  6. Selecting headings
  7. Viewing a subject heading’s details
  8. Scope notes
  9. Combining searches
  10. Evidence based filters
  11. Saving, Printing, Emailing, Etc.


Subject Guide