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Email Support - Anschutz Medical Campus: Troubleshooting

Primarily designed for students, link to assistance & contacts for using UC Denver campus email. The UNIVERSITY domain password must be active & current to access other resources.

My Email won't.....

  • Problems Logging in.... the password is expired or "What is my password?"

    No one can look up or view your password.

    University passwords expire every 90 days.

   Reset an expired password on this web page

   If you require more assistance, please use the - call 303-724-5473, 303-724-4357 or email

  • Problems opening my mailbox. 
    Make sure you are at the correct web page:

    Check to see that you are logging in correctly by using the correct username (your complete email address), and password.

    The password is case sensitive so make sure your "caps lock" key is not engaged.

    If your password has expired it will need to be reset -

    Make sure you are connected to the Internet. You may be having a temporary problem with your Internet connection. Try disconnecting, shutting down your computer, and connecting again.

    Multiple failed attempts at login will temporarily lock your account.

    If you still cannot open your mailbox, request assistance - call 303-724-5473, 303-724-4357 or email

  • Problems sending and/or receiving e-mail
    Do you have connection to the internet? This can prevent the sending and receiving of e-mail.
  • Problems sending mail
    Double check the e-mail address.
    Erase the e-mail address and type it again.    
    The recipient's e-mail server could be down. Try again later.

  • Problems receiving mail
    Contact the sender and have them verify your e-mail address to which they sent the email.    
    Make sure your browser is setup to accept cookies.   
    Check to see if the text of the e-mail is contained in an attachment.

  • Problems opening Attachments
    The CU Denver / Microsoft mail server will not accept executable program files as attachments. If you need to receive an executable program file, have it send to an alternate e-mail address (like Yahoo or Hot Mail).

    Saving the attachment to your desktop and then opening it is an alternative to opening the attachment directly from a message.

    Make sure you have the correct program needed to open the file. For example, a document created in Word Perfect needs to be opened in Word Perfect. Microsoft Word can open Word Perfect documents but it is tricky sometimes. Check with the sender to how the attachment was created.

Information Technology

Lori Williams's picture
Lori Williams
My phone 303-724-5463 M-F 7am-3:30pm

Library IT 303-724-2167 M-F 9am-5pm

Library Svc Desk 303-724-2152 Bus. Hrs

University IT 303-724-4357 M-F 8am-5pm
or email OIT