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Email Support - Anschutz Medical Campus: Student Email FAQ

Primarily designed for students, link to assistance & contacts for using UC Denver campus email. The UNIVERSITY domain password must be active & current to access other resources.

Email FAQ

  • What is my E-Mail address?
    Your E-Mail address is assigned by the IDM database and is usually:       
    So Liz Smith's address would be

  • What is my user name?
    The user name is computer generated.  
    A combination of your last name and first initial
  • What is my password?
    No one can look up your password. 
    You may reset the password at anytime.
    Passwords expire every 90 days. 
  • How do I change my password?
    Reset your password at any time, .

  • What is the storage quota for my UCDenver mail box?
    Students are allowed 50 gb of storage in their Office 365 online mailbox.
  • What is Office 365? 
    You can read all about it by clicking here.
    Also, be sure to check out a free Office install for University students/staff/faculty. When you log into your Office 365 email, click on the "Office 365" button on the upper left area of the screen. You can get the office suite free!

  • Virus Checking Software 
    It is important that your computer be protected from all types of malware - viruses, worms, etc. Many Internet Service Providers give the software to their subscribers.  If you wish to investigate and before installing your own, check reviews on reliable websites such as Some of the software may be free and able to be downloaded.

  • Are there settings for my phone, computer or email software?
    Yes you can get the instructions here.
    Security is important on personal devices. The most secure method to check your email is via the secure website:

  • Can I change my name or e-mail address?
    Students request a name change in the Registrar's office. Employees request a name change with HR. The forms are on the web. Your records are changed and the email team is notified about 48 hours later. Your email address and logon will change about 24 hours later.

    The results of a name change on your email:

    1. Your email address will be

    2. Your username will be a combination of your last name and first initial.       

    3. Your password will remain the same as with your old account.

    4.  Email is forwarded from your old name to your new name for 6 weeks.

    You can notify your correspondents of the change by using the Out-of-Office Assistant.

  • I am now an employee, not a student. How does this affect my e-mail account?
    Your email address will not change. The security account will change to employee status as soon as your employee record is updated in PeopleSoft. . If you are still attending classes the student lists will continue to deliver to your mailbox. Your account status will switch back to student should you end your employment before graduating.  Two e-mail accounts may not be established on campus for one person.

  • I graduated. How does this affect my e-mail account?
    Student email accounts remain active after graduation. This allows students to maintain connections for ongoing education and research while they establish independent email accounts. Keep in mind that your password will still expire after 90 days.

  • Can I organize my e-mail using folders?
    Yes, create folders, and move messages to them.

  • What is a cookie?
    To access your campus email using a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), your computer must accept cookies. If you are concerned about keeping cookies in your files, read on.

    The cookies.txt file is where 'cookies' from websites are stored. Make this file a 'read only' file, and leave your browser set to accept cookies. Search your hard drive for 'cookies.txt', right click on the file that's found, and be sure the 'Read Only' box has a check mark in it. Your browser will accept cookies, but most cookies won't be saved for later reading by the site that dropped it.

  • Pop-Ups
    Campus email requires Pop-Ups be enabled or the web site to be trusted in a pop-up blocker.

  • What is the domain?
    This is a "handle" for campus computing to direct a request for specific information such as your mailbox.

    UNIVERSITY is the campus domain.