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Course Reserves: Welcome!

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Contact the Health Sciences Library Service Desk for general information about Course Reserves: 303-724-2152. 

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Specific questions and concerns about Course Reserves should be directed to Madison Mosely, the Reserves Coordinator. 
Phone: 303-724-2147          



About this Resource Guide

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This resource guide is intended to provide information to instructors and students about Course Reserves. The Health Sciences Library has three different types of Course Reserves available:

E-Reserves: Scanned articles, book chapters, and other electronic documents made available to students online.

Physical Reserves: Hard copies of books and other materials pertaining to courses that are available at the Service Desk for a limited loan period. 

ASAC Textbook Collection: A special collection of textbooks funded by the Academic Support Advisory Committee (ASAC) and maintained with student fees. These books are considered “permanent” reserve items and are available at the Service Desk for a limited loan period. ASAC textbooks are usually the most current editions of textbooks and there may be up to three copies available for each title. 

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