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Public Health: Colorado and Regional Public Health

Research in environmental/occupational epidemiology requires an interdisciplinary approach.

Colorado and Regional Public Health

Colorado and Regional Public Health

  • Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing  - Administers the Medicaid, Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) and other public health care insurance plans for Colorado.
    Colorado Department of Human ServicesOversees the 64 county departments of social/human services, the juvenile corrections system, the state's public mental health system, people with developmental disabilities, and all state and veteran's nursing homes.
    Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment - Includes all divisions and departments, boards and commissions, birth & death certificates, health statistics and environmental health issues for the state.
    Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. Division of Registrations - Licensing requirements and applications for professions in the State of Colorado. Includes rules, regulations, policies, online applications, fees, and renewals for professions including nurses, physicians, midwives, podiatrists, physician assistants, dentists, etc.
    Colorado Health Care Association and Center for Assisted Living - Believes that the health care system has a responsibility to meet the physical and psychological needs of the long-term care patient in a cost-effective manner. Represents 90% of Colorado's nursing homes and many assisted living care facilities.
    Colorado Health Information Management Association - Members  secure, analyze and integrate the
    information that steers the healthcare industry. Supports quality patient care through advancing data accuracy, advocating confidentiality and championing new technology.

    Colorado Health Institute - Advancing the health of the people of  Colorado by serving as an independent and impartial source of reliable and relevant health-related information.
    Colorado Hospital Association - Represents all types of hospitals; public, private, urban and rural. Supports hospitals’ efforts to be accountable to the public and to improve quality and patient safety. Includes a Colorado hospital directory and the Colorado Hospital Report Card.
    Colorado Medical Society - The state's largest association of physicians, residents and medical students. Contains links to news and legislative updates.
    Colorado Nurses Association - Primary purpose of this organization of registered nurses is to provide direction and a voice for the profession of nursing and nurses as leaders in health care.
    Colorado Public Health Association - CPHA works together to assure healthy people and places in Colorado by bringing together people, groups, and organizations, creating a diverse forum for exchanging ideas on health and environment Issues, and leading and advocating for public and environmental health.
    Colorado Rural Health Center - CRHC provides or helps arrange for technical assistance to rural communities so they can take full advantage of federal, state, public and private resources. The Center builds linkages among rural programs and communities and urban and rural colleagues toward identifying and addressing healthcare issues.
    Denver Healthy People 2020 - Led by the Denver Dept. of Environmental Health, this community-wide network of partners is dedicated to building a healthier Denver. Based on the national Healthy People 2010, Denver Healthy People is focused on health promotion and is prevention oriented to keep peoples' health from being at risk.
    Kaiser State Health Facts  State health facts, statistics and data provided by Kaiser Family Foundation. Choose a particular State, or a category such as Women's Health, or Health Costs & Budgets to compare different States.
    Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment  Their mission is to promote and protect health and environment, and to prevent disease and injury among the people of Kansas.
    Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services  Offers assistance with Medicaid, vaccinations, medical licensing, disability support, child protection, and communicable diseases.
    New Mexico Department of Health  Dedicated to promoting sound health policy, to preventing disease, and improving health services systems for New Mexicans.
    State Snapshots (2011) - State-specific health care quality information provided by the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services. Shows strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Choose your state and compare it to national or other states' performances.
    Utah Department of Health - Along with 12 local health agencies, UDOH monitors the air, water, food and outbreaks of diseases to protect the health of the people of Utah, ranked as the 6th healthiest state.
    Wyoming Department of Health - Dedicated to promoting public health issues, upgrading public health standards, and advancing the physical, emotional and social well being of the people of Wyoming.