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Mentored Scholarly Activity Guide (MSA): Clinical Genetics

If you want information about the MSA program, please see the main program page.


  • GeneCards Gene information retrieved from multiple databases of importance to the study of genes and genetic disorders. The retrieval tool for GeneCards was created by the Weizmann Institute of Science, the online data sources are from a variety of well respected government, corporate, and educational organizations.
  • Genetic Counseling Cultural and Linguistic Competence Toolkit This website is designed as a flexible, online resource portal to assist professionals in developing culturally competent genetic counseling expertise.
  • GeneTests  Find current, authoritative information on genetic testing and its use in diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling. Provided by the National Institutes of Health to promote appropriate use of genetic testing.
  • **Genetics Home Reference is a National Library of Medicine website that provides consumer-friendly information about the effects of genetic variations on human health.
  • NCBI is a compendium of knowledge about genes and proteins, and a repository of sequence data and analytical and structural tools in molecular biology. 
  • **OMIM, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man  An authoritative catalog of human genes and genetic disorders for medical professionals. Authored and edited by Dr. Victor A. McKusick of Johns Hopkins University and his colleagues.
  • PubMed Clinical Queries – Medical Genetics  Search PubMed quickly for genetic disorders related articles. Limit your genetic disorder topic to articles in the categories of Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Description, Management, Genetic Counseling, Molecular Genetics, or Genetic Testing. This query was created by GeneReviews: Genetic Disease Online Reviews at GeneTests, University of Washington, Seattle.

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