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Mentored Scholarly Activity Guide (MSA): Calculators, Lab Analysis, Rules, and Tables

If you want information about the MSA program, please see the main program page.

Calculators, Lab Analysis, Rules, and Tables

  • **Dynamed Calculators Click on the “Calculators” link in the upper blue navigation bar.  Browse a list, or use the links on the left to go categories such as Medical Equations, Decision Trees, Statistics Calculators. Search by Specialty is the best way to browse.
  • STAT!Ref MedCalc 3000 Click on "Tools & Resources", then on the "MedCalc 3000". Select from the "Specialty Pages" link at the top of the page and browse. OR type a keyword into the search box; for example: risk; or type a condition/disease, for example: diabetes; or a common calculation, for example: creatinine clearance.
  • Medscape: Medical news and calculators, drug information and tools, and disease information.
  • **Micromedex Labs Search for your lab, for example, potassium measurement. Click Lab in the summary of results, or select a result with the (Lab Advisor) designation.

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