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Mentored Scholarly Activity Guide (MSA): Differential Diagnosis

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Differential Diagnosis

  • 5 Minute Clinical Consult  Look up a symptom in the alphabetical listing or search a term, like fever, click the Current Book button, then click Ovid Full Text to read the relevant section of this book.
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) via PsychiatryOnline. Browse the contents or search for a specific
    symptom or disorder.
  • Ferri’s Clinical Advisor, MDConsult: Click on the "Books" tab, then “Specialties” and scroll down to "Family
    Medicine" and click on the link for Ferri's. Click on the "+" next to "Section II: Differential Diagnosis" to browse, or
    type key words into the search box to find your keywords in Ferri's.
  • **Isabel dx: Use a simple, interactive tool to identify diagnoses and drugs involved in diagnoses based on clinical exam signs and symptoms.
  • **Micromedex. Differential diagnosis is hidden within the "Indications" section of lab test information.  Search for a test, magnesium measurement, then click on the results from the "Lab Advisor", then click indications. Check each of several abnormal lab results separately to note the overlapping indications, suggesting a possible diagnosis.

PubMed Tip: Incorporating terms related to prevalencce and etiology can help with differential diagnosis search topics. MeSH terms can be helpful too, try: "Prevalence"[Mesh] AND "Diagnosis, Differential"[Mesh]

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