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Mentored Scholarly Activity Guide (MSA): Scholarships and Support

If you want information about the MSA program, please see the main program page.

Scholarships and Support

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Funding Opportunities and Helpful Links

  • Adler Mentored Scholarly Activity Award for Improving the Health of Patient and Communities (Adler MSA Award)  Stipends will be awarded for scholarly projects that will focus on improved health of patients or the community, overcome health disparities, and which contribute to our understanding of health and medicine.  The award will be made for research and scholarly activities in  Clinical Science, Epidemiology and Public Health, and Humanities, Social Sciences and Medical Education. Projects that are in the area of Basic Biomedical Science will not be considered.

    The award includes:
    • Up to 6 week MSA project internship ($500/week through financial aid office)
    • Reasonable costs associated with completing the proposed project

    Applications will be two to three pages describing the medical research project and must include student name, project title and:
    • A specific question to be addressed
    • A detailed scholarly proposal, including background, methods, and analysis
    • A timeline for project completion
    • A budget (only if requesting support for project expenses)
    • A means of evaluation
    • A plan to disseminate scholarly results
    • A letter of support from the faculty mentor
    • A plan to address any additional Mentored Scholarly Activity or School of Medicine requirements.

Successful applications will include a strong involvement by community members as evidenced by letters of support, history of work with the applicant or detailed plans for engaging the community.  Applications must include: a support letter from a faculty sponsor, and should comment on plans for dissemination of the research results, outcomes and evaluation both within the institution and to the broader community.  Deadline: March 21st, 2011.  Applications should be delivered to Terri Wood, Office of Student Affairs, Room 5312 ED2North.  Questions? Dr. Maureen Garrity, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, will be happy to answer them.

  • The AlterMed Research Foundation Fund for Mentored Scholarly Activity (MSA) Award: Phase I Students – MSA Funding Opportunity. The fellowship will fund research meeting the following criteria:
      • The research is a clinical study involving humans (basic science
        projects and studies involving animals will not be considered).
      • Preference will be given to projects proposing research in CAM areas of mind‐body medicine or energy medicine (such as mindfulness‐based stress reduction/breathing, emotions/subtle energies measuring/monitoring/management) and other nonpharmaceutically driven CAM modalities. As one of the goals of the AlterMed Research Foundation is to one day eradicate human cancers, projects that can add knowledge to the use of CAM in prevention of cancer will be accorded extra attention.

  • Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society Student Research Fellowship

$5000, one-half paid on announcement of the award, and one-half on approval by AΩA of a final report of the research. Up to $1000 will be reimbursed for travel to present research results at a national meeting.
Contact Monica Jones Federico MD,  (303) 837-2522 at the University of Colorado OAO chapter for more information

Deadline(s):   March
Contact:      John Chandy c/o Kristi Campbell
University of Maryland School of Medicine
111 Deer Lake Rd, Suite 100
Deerfield, IL 60015

  • CDC-Hubert Global Health Fellowship   The CDC-Hubert Global Health Fellowship, endowed by the O.C. Hubert Charitable Trust, is designed to encourage students to think of public health in a global context. The fellowship provides an opportunity for third- and fourth-year medical and veterinary students to gain public health experience in an international setting. Hubert fellows spend six to twelve weeks in a developing country working on a priority health problem in conjunction with CDC staff.  Examples of students’ past experiences include:
        * Health outcome evaluation of various home drinking water treatment and storage methods in Guatemala
        * Review of antiretroviral therapy in private practice, Kenya
        * Study of the epidemiology of Lassa Fever in rural Guinea, West Africa
        * Development of surveillance systems for surgical site infections, antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance in a tertiary surgical center in Hanoi, Vietnam
    For eligibility and application information, please visit
    For more information, please e-mail
  • Paul Ambrose Scholars Program   The Paul Ambrose Scholars Program introduces health professions students to influential public health professionals and prepares them to be leaders in addressing public health challenges. Students will
    • Obtain tools to practice the knowledge and skills learned at the symposium through a faculty-mentored project conducted at their community or institution.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and varying perspectives of public health. They will learn methods to effect change in their own community in the areas of: health policy, health literacy, project planning, and health care finance and deliver
  • Robinson Durst Scholarship   Scroll down on the page to find the Application link. Professor Emeritus William Robinson, MD, PhD and Denver sculptor/ceramicist Peter Durst have collaborated to provide personal and donor funds so that students from the University of Colorado Denver and international students have an opportunity to engage in a culturally diverse clinical and/or research experience during their graduate training.  Philosophically, this scholarship is grounded in a deep commitment to the long-lasting, positive value of international health care as it relates to broadening personal and academic perspectives.  Scholars of this program will have an opportunity to meet and thank Dr. Robinson and Mr. Durst.  We are honored to be able to offer you the opportunity of this program scholarship. Deadline for submission is usually April 1. 

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