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Mentored Scholarly Activity Guide (MSA): General Resources

If you want information about the MSA program, please see the main program page.

Institutional Review Board

Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board or COMIRB is your central access point for information on federal laws & regulations for research involving humans. COMIRB is a board established to review biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects conducted at or supported by University of Colorado Health Sciences Center or University of Colorado Hospital.

Forms, instructions, answers to frequently asked questions, and education is available from the website.

Steps to review in preparing a protocol:

1. All applicants must have a POI number (Person of Interest) Most faculty, staff, and researchers can easily obtain this number.
Learn the "Steps Necessary To Become An Investigator On A Study Or Renew Education/COI"

Students should access the COMIRB CITI Training Courses, Accessing eRA(InfoEd), and COI Disclosures webpage, click the link for "I am a current student at the University of Colorado Denver" and follow the instructions.

2. The CITI training website provides training in responsible conduct of research and HIPPA compliant research and completion is required for applicants.

3. The Info-Ed training page provides video training on use of the Info-Ed

4. CoMIRB provides a variety of forms, including templates for protocols. 

5. Visit the Policies and Procedures page to understand the many principles that guide CoMIRB.
Students should read the "
Student Researcher Responsibilities Policy" for background.

6. Login to the eRA(InfoEd) Portal  


For assistance, contact CoMIRB or visit during twice monthly Office Hours

Medical students completing the Mentored Scholarly Activity should contact Allan Prochazka, MD, at or 303-399-8020 ext. 2144, for assistance.


Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training for University of Colorado Denver   Environmental Health and Safety provides a wide range of safety training options to help ensure your safety and health in the workplace. This page details the online and in-person training courses available to University of Colorado Denver students and employees. These training courses are offered to meet numerous regulations and/or as a resource to encourage health and safety for all University community members.  Training includes:

  • Biological Safety
    • Biological Safety Cabinet Tutorial
    • Blood Borne Pathogens/Exposure Control
    • On-The-Job-Training
    • Retroviral Vectors Tutorial
    • Shipping of Biological Materials
  • Chemical Waste Management
  • Radiation Safety Training

  • Respiratory Protection Training

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Chemistry Laboratories. Topics include distillation, filtration, NMR sample prep, and other basic techniques. (Content is offered on wall mounted iPads throughout the UI laboratories.)

Subject Guide