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Anatomical Models @ HSL: Anatomical Models

Anatomical models available for check out from the library.

Checkout Policy

All anatomical models are available for checkout at the library. During normal business hours, all models can be checked out at the front desk. Models are also available after-hours.

You will need a valid CU ID in order to check out any of the models. All models must stay in the library and the loan period for the models is 4 hours.


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Anatomical Models

Model of full articulated skeleton 

Skeleton with Painted Muscle Origins and Inserts


3/4 scale model skeleton

Budget Bart 3/4 Size Skeleton

Plastic Skull Model with Muscles painted

Skull in 3 Parts


Plastic skull model with 22 pieces

Osteopathic Didactic Skull in 22 Parts


Dental Model of Preadolescence lower jaw

Dental Model of Preadolescent Lower Jaw

Model of Brain

Neuroanatomy Brain Model

Model of a Human Brain with Arteries

Human Brain with Arteries in 9 parts


Model of the ventricular cavities of the brain

Ventricular Cavities of the Brain - COMING SOON

Model of Cervical Spine with Occipital Bone

Cervical Spine Model with Occipital Bone

flexible spine with femur heads

Model of Thorax Bones

Thoracic Skeleton with Full Spine and OS Sacrum


Model of Human Heart

Denoyer-Geppert The Original Heart of America Model


Model of Human Heart

Laerdal Danny Smith Heart Model


Model of lungs, heart, and trachea

Lung Model with Heart, Larynx, and Diaphragm

Muscular Model of Leg

3/4 Scaled Muscled Leg in 9 Parts

Muscular Model of Arm

3/4 Scaled Muscled Arm in 6 Parts


Model of Hand

Deluxe Hand / Wrist 


Model of foot

Deluxe Foot / Ankle


Model of Knee

Model of Female Pelvis

Articulated Female Pelvis with Pits of Parturition

Skeletal Arm and Hand Model     Two Skeletal Hand and Arm Models

Model of Pectoral Girdle     Skeletal Leg Model with Muscles

Skeletal Leg Model     Male Skeletal Pelvis Model

Female Skeletal Pelvis Model     Model of 3 types of skulls

Model of dis-articulated spine     Skeletal Sternum and Rib Model



anatomy chart with multiple layers

Thin Man Chart
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