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Health Literacy and Patient Education Guide: Helpful Video Clips

This guide includes information on health literacy, patient education, and health literacy resources for health professionals.

ACP Foundation: Health Literacy

Low health literacy is a silent epidemic that can lead to medical errors and poor health outcomes.

In the effort to educate physicians about the problem of low patient health literacy, the American College of Physicians Foundation (ACP Foundation) created a powerful video illuminating the hidden epidemic of low health literacy in America that causes needless suffering to millions of patients and families each year –and translates to billions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs.

Marty's Story

Health Literacy Missouri has also created an impactful video detailing Marty Ratermann and other patients' experiences navigating the challenging landscape of the healthcare system. The video is another potent reminder that poor communication between healthcare providers and their patients not only costs billions of dollars, but can also cost some their lives.