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NCBI Resources: Gene Exercises

Contains information about the NCBI databases to be used as a teaching tool.

Gene Exercises

Test out your knowledge of the gene database using these exercises

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Scenario: sending a gene record to a colleague

You're a research assistant for someone who wants to know a variety of information about the human APOE gene. How would you tell them to search for this gene so that they only get one search result? 

Scenario: genes in a genomic region

You are studying a human population that have a deletion on chromosome 6 base pairs 20305 to 20665. What genes are in this region?

Scenario: data visualization

You want a visual representation of the human cftr gene and basic information about gene expression and variants in this region. What section of the gene record would you look in?

Scenario: downloading sequence

Find the sequence for the human CFTR gene